Philanthropic Approach

What Can a Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy (C.A.P.) Do For You?

A CAP is qualified to help you, as a successful and caring person, create a gift plan within your overall financial or estate planning strategies.

You gift plan will embody your ideals, as well as your traditional objectives.

The plan will be designed to have a positive impact on your family and on the causes you care about.

PFG will review your personal financial situation and advise on the pros and cons of each charitable vehicle under consideration. We are committed to helping you choose the vehicle which best fits your unique financial and philanthropic situation.

Donor Advised Fund Advantages

A donor advised fund gives you the option to recommend grants to any public charity. Making gifts from a donor advised fund is extremely easy.

By reducing the after tax cost of giving to charity and by streamlining the giving process, a donor advised fund can help maximize your enjoyment of philanthropy. By utilizing a donor advised fund, you can ensure that you are using your most highly appreciated assets to fund your philanthropy. Assets in a donor advised fund grow free of taxation, building your giving capacity.