The Pollack Advantage

Are you seeking a financial advisor?”

Our focus is you. We want to make sure your needs and concerns are met, through retirement and beyond. Our clients seek a trust based alliance that goes beyond relationship and needs based advice. Making sure our clients’ values and money are aligned is one of our top priorities.

Coaching and empowering our clients while creating lasting relationships. Our clients are looking for solutions to the complexities of a fast paced financial world. We take the role of problem solvers and life planners.

Statistical, scientific, and economic research helps us to gain insights. Investors who buy, hold, and rebalance an investment seek to reap rewards in proportion to the risk they take.

Dimensional Funds

For more than 30 years, DFA has helped investors pursue dimensions of higher expected returns through advanced portfolio design, management and trading. Their enduring philosophy and deep working relationships with the academic community underpin their approach to investing and form the foundation for new strategies.

DFA has a high regard for research, process and time-tested data. A time line of innovation offers proof that Dimensional has always looked forward, ready for change, eager to go where the evidence leads.

Individual investors may access Dimensional's strategies only through a select group of  firms. They strive to build deep, enduring relationships by using institutional class managers who shares their desire to pursue better financial outcomes for our clients.

Dimensional Funds Advisors is not affiliated with Pollack Financial Group or Equitable Advisors, LLC and its affiliated companies.