Our Clients, Our Community and Our Non-Profit Organizations

Our Clients

At Pollack Financial Group it has become apparent over the years that people gravitate towards a trusted advisor, coach, steward of their assets and someone they can build a comfortable relationship with. We strive and pride ourselves on building resilient friendships with each one of our unique clients. It is our priority to regularly engage in depth conversations not just regarding their financial agenda but about a wide range of subject matter from your lifestyle, children and hobbies to thought provoking discussions on current events. We are interested in seeing the full picture and what makes you, you!

We are dedicated to meet and manage every expectation of our clients. We believe that at the very core of our relationships it is paramount for us to have an understanding of what motivates and shapes your decisions, the values you uphold and the fears you may have.

As life can become more complicated, so does making educated investments for the future. More often than not personal financial planning will land a spot on the back burner. However, something we all need to be conscious of is that time is finite. Our job is to take anything that gets left on the back burner or weighs heavy on your shoulders and make it our priority. PFG is devoted to taking the time and consideration in each of your endeavors. We enjoy the day to day monitoring of your holdings and financial planning objectives.

Our Community 

Scott Pollack has an unparalleled passion in giving back to his local community. He has served and continues to serve on a various number of charitable organizations. To get involved and/or learn more please click the following link: Community Outreach.

Non-Profit Organizations

PFG helps you expand the range of options available to donors who wish to support your organization. We work in partnership with you to serve the donor together — maximizing convenience, efficiency and control for the donor, and helping you close the gap between donor intent and gift completion.

By helping your donors establish and manage philanthropic vehicles, PFG helps you transform them into engaged philanthropists.

We understand philanthropic motives and have the technical expertise to structure complex gifts. We also know how to demonstrate the value of a better solution. With an objective eye toward your donors’ deeper philanthropic goals,  PFG can help structure gifts that help them give — and give more.

We believe that the story of PFG is best told one-on-one. If you would like to schedule an in person meeting or sign up for a philanthropic workshop, please follow the link below.

We concern ourselves with tactical philanthropy, which means optimizing and structuring your assets for philanthropic purposes. PFG focuses on the tactics of putting your philanthropic strategy into action.