PFG Intern Development Program

The Pollack Financial Intern Program allows you to find and develop your most well endowed skills. Our edge as a small firm is the relationships we maintain with our clients. More than anything our clients value communication, transparency, discipline, and accountability; as an intern your job is to ensure they get these hallmarks. To that end most of your tasks will pertain to communicating with existing and potential clients on the phone, via email, and social media. The communications will vary, and this is where your best assets come into play. If you’re a relationships person you will have the opportunity to reach out, and give them the attention they need. If you're good with administrative tasks you can help maintain accounts, and due diligence with account paperwork and deposits. If you’re interested in stocks and trading you can look over investments and make suggestions to our analysis staff. If you're good in a meeting we’ll bring you in and let you show off what you know.

To inquire about intern positions please call our offices to find out more about how we can work together to develop your skillset in the wealth management field.