Americans are boozing less...are you?

| January 18, 2019
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For the third straight year, Americans are boozing less and less thanks to the growing trend of "mindful drinking or complete abstinence," said industry tracker IWSR.

Overall, U.S. alcohol volumes dipped 0.8% in 2018, even worse than the 0.7% decline a year earlier.

  • Beer was the hardest hit—volumes fell 1.5%, compared to a 1.1% drop a year earlier.
  • Wine volumes grew by 0.4% last year, but...don't break out the Château Pétrus. That's down from a 1% increase in 2017.
  • Spirits volumes climbed 1.9%, down from 2.2% growth in 2017.

So if you're a brewer or a distiller...what do you do? Push your boundaries. For example, Molson Coors (+0.85%) acquired a California kombucha maker last summer...while Budweiser brewer AB InBev (+2.19%) now sells spiked coconut water and a non-alcoholic "Budweiser Prohibition" brew.

Looking ahead: IWSR predicts low- and no-alcohol products will grow 32.1% by 2022, tripling the segment's growth over the last five years.

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